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Blog: Heathrow Airport Parking


Heathrow Airport Parking

Heathrow has 4 terminals and there are numerous parking options, and this might make you feel overwhelmed. We have a variety of parking deals for you regardless of whether you want a personal and easy Park and Ride package or a personal Meet and Greet driver to deal with the parking.

At Park With Me, we have a variety of parking deals and you can never go short of options when it comes to Heathrow parking. We are highly confident that our services cater to all your needs. If you are looking for an ultimately time-saving meet and greet or convenient airport parking, you can access cheap parking offers at Heathrow from us. We guarantee you great value for your money and we offer excellent services at the same time.

About Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is a premier international airport in the United Kingdom. It has more than 80 airlines and all fly to more than 180 destinations all over the world. Each year, over 72 million passengers are traveling through one of the four terminals at Heathrow.

As a result, Heathrow airport parking can be a long process even if the airport has decent facilities. Some of the services you can access at Heathrow include:


  • Short stay parking- parking for trips which won’t last long
  • Long stay parking- parking for long term holidays or lengthy business trips
  • Business parking- parking at areas near the terminal to increase convenience
  • Pod parking terminal- parking for any passengers flying from terminal 5

Opting for business parking is great and may save you time, but it cannot compare to the convenience offered by our Heathrow airport parking Meet and Greet services. With Meet and Greet, you won’t have to think about choosing the best car park and you will not worry about transferring to a terminal. Let us serve you with our Meet and Greet services and you will not be disappointed. 

Park With Me offers all these services and if you are looking forward to visit Heathrow airport, remember to call us and book a car parking space with us.

Parking Packages and Heathrow Hotel

Do you know that by booking a hotel and parking at Heathrow you will save yourself a lot of money? You would consider having a sleepover at the hotel if you have unsociable flight periods which give you the chance to spend some hours in bed instead of bustling them in a motorway.

Terminals at Heathrow

Nearly everyone knows that Heathrow is the busiest airport in the UK mainly because of the four terminals from which people can fly from. With this, travelers can find airport parking Heathrow quite baffling. Ensure you are always checking the terminal you are flying from before booking your parking. You can do this by entering your dates and searching on our page for your destination terminal.

Park With Me had to compare airport parking Heathrow for you at each of the four terminals and listed them here for you. However, Heathrow airport parking terminal 1 is not in use so it is not included below. We aim to make it easy for you to book airport parking at Heathrow.

Terminal 2

Official Parking

This is mainly used for long-stay airport parking at Heathrow. The transfers take a very short time and the most last for 10 minutes. However, the bus also serves other terminals like airport parking Heathrow terminal 1 and 3. This means you might have to sit on the bus for a while and visit other terminals before you get to your terminal.

Nearest Car Park

There is a flight path which is a great alternative which you should consider for Heathrow airport parking terminal 2. It will take you around 8-12 minutes to checking.

Off-site Parking

Off-site carparks mostly offer a short transfer period compared to on-site. This means you should consider them a lot for your Heathrow parking at Terminal 2. Transfers to the terminal take nearly 7 minutes. If you are looking for cheap Heathrow airport parking, you should consider Park With Me.

No Transfer Car Park

If you are looking for a car park that does not involve any transfer,  Park With Me is the car park you are looking for. You can easily walk to check-in and park in the designated arrival parking bays. 

Terminal 3

Official Parking

At this terminal, you could use the Heathrow airport parking terminal 3 Long Stay for your onsite parking. The transfers there will take a short period averaging 12 minutes. However, you should beware that the buses pass through terminals 1 and 2, meaning you will have to wait for the bus to get to these terminals before getting to your terminal.
Nearest Car Park

Parking at Terminal 2 is easy thanks to the our Flightpath which is a brilliant alternative that you should consider. If you want to check-in, you will take just 8-12 minutes.

Offsite Parking

You should consider offsite parking at Heathrow for many reasons but one that stands out is the ability of off-site car parks to offer a shorter transfer period than on-site transfer ones. You could choose Park With Me’s Park and Ride which is an awesome option if you are on a budget and it will transfer you to the terminal in not more than 7 minutes.

No Transfer

With the no transfer option, you can park in the assigned parking bays and walk t check in any time you want. 

Terminal 4

Official Parking

Long Stay car park is ideal for your onsite parking at terminal 4. The transfers take a very short period; approximately 5 minutes.

Closest Car Park

If you are looking for parking at terminal 4 with a short transfer time, you can choose the our Park and Ride option. To check-in, you will take nearly 8-12 minutes.

Off-site Parking

You can greatly save money through offsite parking in terminal 4. You could even check our offsite parking services which are accompanied by great security and a short transfer period to terminal 4.

No Transfer Car Park

Park With Me’s Meet and Greet is ideal for you if you want parking that does not involve any transfer. Feel free to always check-in if you want to park in any of the designated parking bays.

Terminal 5

Official Parking

Heathrow Long Stay car park is ideal for onsite parking at Heathrow. Bus transfer to the terminal takes only 5 minutes from this official car park. 

Nearest Car Park

If you are looking for a worthy option for your Heathrow airport parking terminal 5, our Drop and Ride service is a great option, and transfers will take you only 5 minutes.

Offsite Parking

Offsite parking at Heathrow is a great way to save money and the transfers take barely 10 minutes meaning you cannot go wrong. Have a look at our Park and Ride Heathrow services at Terminal 5 for offsite parking.

No Transfer

Park With Me Meet and Greet at terminal 5 is a great car park service that does not involve transfers. There are designated valet parking bays where you can park your car and walk to check-in any moment.
How to Save Money at Heathrow Parking

The cost of parking at Heathrow can be remarkably low. If you want to benefit from the low prices, book in advance and look for some of our nonrefundable packages which will ensure you get the most affordable parking. If you want to use the Long Stay Heathrow parking, remember to use our Business parking for customers or Leisure Special for the cheap airport parking deals.

Even if you cannot change these packages, they mean you will access the parking at a cheaper price.